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Our Story

GARUDA IMPIAN SDN BHD was incorporated on 22nd April 2015 and registered in Johor.The company started doing light building construction works, electrical and telecommunication cabling. Recently after registering with CIDB Grade 7 (Mechanical & Engineering), the company has under taken more challenging projects in construction, polymer road pavement works and recruitment services.

The company quickly expanded into polymer road pavement projects and polymer based waterproofing methods by being an authorised local distributor for environment friendly US based polymer ENVIROTAC (JKR tested). 

The company attracted professionals from diverse backgrounds and established manpower services; offering direct resources and outsourcing by forming a team to work within the construction industry. Company success over the past years is due to its partnership with major industry players and a safety program that has led to brilliant achievement. Dedication and open communication have empowered Garuda Impian’s workforce.

Our Goals

Garuda Impian provides professional customer focused construction solutions. We go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity.

Garuda Impian explores industry‐ leading excellence with every customer we meet. Together with partners and associates, we offer our services in design‐build and pre‐construction planning services for projects of various sizes. The company operates from its office in Johor Bahru with a network of site offices throughout Malaysia.

At Garuda Impian, we are known for excellence in a diverse range of markets. Our extensive experience in each and every realm is driven by the depth of our qualified teams and contractual partners, all who take pride in doing the best possible job.

Our commitment to outstanding job completion, exceptional customer service and superior safety performance has made us a partner of choice in the construction industry.  

Our team hails from every skill and expertise in the field, allowing us to combine innovative construction methods and credible project management skills to get the job done competitively and get it done right.


Garuda Impian is committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication,experience and also disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects. To be respectable company delivering beyond expectation, always.


Our mission is to provide builder services that surpass our every customer’s expectations. We will accomplish this through the selective use of responsible sub‐contractors and contractual partners and by hiring and retaining experienced employees.  

This will provide the foundation for long term customer relations and growth. We are committed to the success of our customers, our business partners and our employees. To procure the project at competitive pricing, provide safe working condition and deliver quality work within reasonable time frame.

Business Reg. No. : 1141654‐U

Paid‐up Capital : RM 1,000,000.00

CIDB Reg. No.   & Category : 0120160517‐JH174653  
                                                : G7    B      B04  
                                                : G7   CE    CE21  
                                                : G7   ME   M15

Bank & Facilities : CIMB